Top Ten reasons I should work for Hootsuite #3 – I Refine

Evening Y’all,

Smaller, More compact, less sharp corners, bigger, brighter, faster. All these adjectives and more have been used to describe this blog by the people that know it exists. Not to me per say but I assume those words are being bandied about freely. Less emphasis on this being a work in progress or a statement of my effort ‘that poor man is trying so hard, someone should tell him’. I believe that with continued effort on both my twitter front and this one, and if I include LinkedIn and Pinterest. This will be something worth reading. It is on its way to that. The single reason for that belief is refinement. I believe that to really come to understand anything you have to do it. One has to do whatever ‘that’ is for them over and over being open to critique and praise equally but placing neither above the value of repetition and refinement.

The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.
Albert Einstein

As a bartender in a nightclub I have refined my craft over 7 years. Every single action I take when I am behind the bar has purpose. I am economical. I have worked out the best way to deal people in almost every situation one could come across in a nightclub with the goal of maximizing sales, personal profit, new business generation and repeat business satisfaction. These are not easy to balance goals while serving no less than 4 drinks per minute for sometimes more than 4 hours at a time. On paper that might not sound like much. In person it is another thing to be able to keep up that pace. Anyway I have refined my skill. I believe in it, the process of whittling away all the extra, and leaving a lean efficient tool to wield how the holder sees fit, because when you have refined something over hours and months and years, then you can begin to express yourself whatever the discipline. The expression of yourself through your craft is the by-product of refinement and makes all the work worth while.

Malcolm Gladwell had some popular ideas on the subject of success and reasons why.
part 1 –
part 2 –

No matter what you call it or why it is, I have had success at a high level in almost everything I have ever tried because I refine my actions. In every level of my life I have used this part of me the self-reflective competitive part to move around or through any barrier to my achieving my goals. The #3 reason I should work for Hootsuite is that I embrace daily the process of refinement and bring it to all that I do.

Thank you

Tomorrow #2 – Will Power

Also saw this today and enjoyed it.

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