Top Ten reasons I should work for Hootsuite #2 – My Will Power

Straight to it,

When people talk about Kobe Bryant no matter where they start out they end up at his will. His unmatched drive to win. There are stories floating around the NBA about how it is only his sheer will and focus that keep him going after 19 professional seasons. Kobe Bryant is a hero of mine. He plays in that role because of my respect for his ability to push aside everything else and focus on one thing. Winning through will power. It’s been amazing to watch for 16 NBA seasons. I don’t share the championship rings but I do share the will to be better. The will to achieve.

My parents always called me a willful child. When I was a kid I think that meant ‘bad’. I have no objections to this description. I embrace it, I am willful. Having a strong will, gives me the confidence to stay in the fight. My will tells me that I will win too, just like Kobe. If I want it; I will get it. When my son was born I quit smoking, it wasn’t on the day but it was close, I woke up and decided that was it. I did not ever give it a second thought, I made the call and that was it. Friends often asked me if I missed it, to which I could honestly answer “I don’t think about it”. The day before I quit I was a smoker. The day I quit, I wasn’t.

I made it through Design school the same way. It had been years since I had graduated high school, and here I was enrolled in college, on my way to my first class. I was nervous, I had no goals, only expectations. When I came home elated after the first week of school, I decided I was going to be the best. It’s a subjective thing, being the best in a design school. How can that be quantified? We may never know, but what we do know is that I finished with an high ‘A’ average and worked on professional grade projects while still in school, the teachers were always excited at my projects and my classmates respected my vision and skill. I willed this to happen.

Strong will may as well be synonymous with sacrifice. To me they are if not very similar, then inter-related. I sacrificed my time in pursuit of a goal, to continue the sacrifice when I wanted to stop I willed myself back on course. The resulting success fed back on me, pushing me further like a wave might if I wasn’t already so physically fit ( See blog #9 , You Never Know). Hard to stop a wave right? Ever tried? You have? Are you crazy? Cool. Moving on.

This blog is a testament to my will. I am impressively sick right now. It is nearing 4am, I cannot breathe, in fact maybe if you read this anyone, comment to see if I made it through the night. I have had roughly 16 hours sleep in 4 days, and while I get that being exhausted from staying up late to tweet and blog, is a first world problem. Still pretty easy to fall asleep right here at these comfortably smooth keys, I’ve done it before. As mush as I want sleep, I want to finish this more. These 10 updates showcasing who I am and how and why I do things, are my impression. At first this blog wasn’t the most appealing visually, but it is improving, I’m working back over the old posts to fix the spelling and grammer errors. My will makes me stay up till the birds wake up to read about the top blogs and what they have that mine doesn’t, yet.

Thank you

Tomorrow the creme de la creme, the cream of the crop, the big duke-a-roo, numero uno.
The #1 reason I should work for Hootsuite….It’s going to be a surprise.


One thought on “Top Ten reasons I should work for Hootsuite #2 – My Will Power

  1. Great stuff! Novel idea in pursuit of excellence and a new job! Creative, insightful, gutsy, honest. As a former Human Resource Director, this effort would MOST certainly have gotten my attention–far from the madding crowd–the proverbial cut above. I’d hire him!

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