Lee Fields – You’re The Kind Of Girl


“True love is just a stone’s throw away” I will say this about that, this is a helluva song, and I have never heard of Lee Fields before until today driving around and CBC2 introduced us with this amazing classic. Apparently Lee got his start singing James Brown songs and people recognized his talent. Thanks to CBC, Lee Fields and whoever invented the car radio, they all combined and made my day better. Have a Listen. Peace.


Things to Enjoy – The Recipe – Kendrick Lamar Feat. Dr. Dre

Just heard this song The Recipe by Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre and I have to say I’m in. Been a while since Dre was on anything that hooked me but the easy warmth this song radiates is amazing. The sample form the band Twin Sister floats and submerges so effortlessly above and below the rest of the track. The song paints its’ picture of Cali life so well you can want to go swimming it doe not stop there it invites you to come join the women, weed, weather. It is an effective invitation as time spend on google images was well spent for me on this overcast Vancouver day. The song prompted me to take a look at my own city and wonder why no one has captured Vancouver, BC’s spirit so well on record yet. If they have I haven’t heard it. It may come down to talent and genre but i’m not sure. I think there is a vancouver feeling, it’s not melancholic but whatever the opposite of that is. We aren’t smiling all the time but we do smile here, it so easy to be here in Vancouver in almost every way, except financially. That is the link between this song written about California and the City I call home. Enjoy.

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