Top Ten Reasons I should work for Hootsuite #12 – Fun

Learning about social media is a good time. It’s easy to do. I got a negative tweet yesterday, and I spent a little while reading about negative tweets and how they can damage your brand if handled the wrong way, the content of the tweet didn’t even faze me, but I learned how to deal with it. There is a benefit, I, at this point don’t have much of a brand to damage but if I did, boy I tells ya. Serious business though, it’s all awesome stuff, no downfalls only upfalls, and everyone knows how cool upfalls are. I am growing my Twitter account, I hope to reach 200 followers in the span of a month. I know there are many other people who’ve gained more, faster and that’s cool. It’s all pretty new to me, so I’m good with my progress. I’m talking with awesome people like @KenHerron, whose given me some sweet advice and is always a DM away. Reading cool stuff from @tedcoine, and @cammphi, trading cool videos with @zenapproach its just a cool community to be a part of and while I’m growing my knowledge base and experience I get to learn with no pressure. I’ve had other accounts on twitter with less than 70 people for years and in a month I am almost at 200. I’ve had a blog for a few years and only managed to criticize a new Karen-O song, and now I’ve become part of the blogosphere. Albeit a small one, I plan on growing my part in it. So I share music videos and clips of me chasing dogs, thats fun stuff, its certainly not award winning but I feel like i’m on the path to the knowledge used to win awards. It is exciting. Reason #12 why I should work for Hootsuite is fun.

So, it has come to this (All credit for that beautiful phrase to @habitspark). Last night I lost the focus of why I had this blog in the first place. But I remembered, Hootsuite. I want to work there. They are cool and I am cool so, win win, I think. I thought after my first Top Ten series I’d get a phone call or something and someone from Hootsuite would be like “We like your vibe, come in for a coffee and let’s talk about how you and @uncleweed can build some communities or something.”

That didn’t happen and I became a little discouraged. I was also tired writing hundreds of words a night with videos and links and sleeping minimal hours led to some fatigue. But, I know you never start with But, but here we are, I am back and I have a new series of reasons for Hootsuite and of course my readers. I am going to take myself and my life to social media school so that I can be more prepared when Hootsuite does call. I am going to show all the people that would like to work in this field just like me how to do it. We are gonna tweet, we are gonna timeline it up, we are gonna customize a blog, we are gonna comment on a blog, we are going to compare and contrast certain web-based media management software vs it’s competitors but just like on tv “that’s not all” we are going to clean up our lives and get in shape. We are going to prepare for the dream jobs we all want. Ready, Set, Go.

Okay Okay, so here’s the thing about that, it’s 4am again so all of this excitement is going to wait till tomorrow or the next day, but I tell you this it will happen. I, You, We will be excited and learn and hopefully build our own community of enhusiastic people trying to catch their dreams. Im going to make you all beliebers.

“Wait, what did he write?”

He said “Beliebers.”

“Oh like Justin Bieber’s fans.”


“Did he mean believers?”

“How should I know, maybe you should write a funny comment and ask him if he knows how big of a mistake he made?”

“Yeah maybe I should.”

and Scene

Good night out there all you Beliebers.


Top Ten reasons I should work for Hootsuite #1 – Me

Good afternoon,

I promised a surprise and here it is…

I don’t need this job.

I thought that I needed you to give me an opportunity to shine. When I am perfectly capable of doing that job myself. It is a really good feeling, knowing that. This feeling led me to think about social media as a whole. I feel like that the underlying message to all users of social media is that, you can do it. Whatever you want to do, you can do, you can find people you never thought you would, from the other side of the planet who care about the same things you do. Or they don’t care about the same things as you but help all the same. I want to be a part of that feeling professionally, and before this blog I was convinced that I needed someone to employ me for me to start working on it with passion. No matter where I land in the coming days and weeks I am going to remember the feeling I have right now, where I can smile and lean back in my chair knowing that it is going to happen for me, and that I’m going to help make it happen for others. The title doesn’t matter now, eventually I may become a social media evangelist, I can feel the spirit and I want to share that spirit with anyone who is open to expanding their world. I am strong willed, well balanced, I fight through my fears, I am physically and mentally agile, I give a lot, I think even more, I refine those thoughts, I am open for experiences, I listen to everyone, I am unexpected and funny and I work my *ss off to achieve my goals.

I’ve worked this whole week, trying to build up an audience on twitter for my blog. I’ve worked this whole week trying to write interesting, open, insightful posts. I’ve worked all week learning as much as I could about your business, and I’ve worked all week to put all of this in to the best possible package I could. It is, was, and will be a testament to how much I’d like to call Hootsuite my home, work wise. At the beginning of the week my focus was solely on Hootsuite, and it still is but through the work I’ve put in this week I have grown. The surprise is that I now know that if you do or do not read this or like it or discuss it among yourselves that it doesn’t matter as much as I thought it might. I will find work doing this. I am really good with people, and I know how to communicate with a purpose. These are employable attributes and if your company isn’t the one, someone’s will be. The surprise is that at the beginning of the week this was just an intangible dream something I might like to do, completing this blog today I’ve realized it is just the start. I’m diving head first into this world, into this industry and I’m not going to look back. It was surprising to me that I was wasting so much of my energy before this, I wanted to do a million things. While I still have a many interests, I am now focused on one thing and one thing only professionally.

I’ve wanted to tell you about all the little things I’ve been doing to help these here pages grow, but haven’t felt like divulging it all in this forum. If not now then when, here are some refinements in my process. I haven’t used #teamfollowback or any follower building tools except my own judgement. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with those things but I want this thing to be mine, something I’ve built through trial and error. Right now I am gaining almost 1 follower per tweet its a little more like 1.3 per tweet or so but its a healthy number. I’m picking people to follow who are into similar ideas, connections, positivity, technology, Vancouver, family. For them, like me it is a passion and a profession. I can’t wait to see how far I can take this thing. I was going to use Tweetdeck and still will after a break from blogging just incase you hire me. If you hire me I will get to know Hootsuite for sure, but if I learn Tweetdeck I will learn Hootsuites’ strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition as well. There is wisdom in that, I think. Someone wants that kind of thinking in their business. I would. I’ve learned about commenting with purpose on blogs. I have still a lot to learn but I know I will.

Regarding learning I have this to say to anyone who reads this, do what you are scared of doing and try your hardest and if you do the results don’t matter. You growing matters. That’s not to say you set yourself up for a fail, we should strive to win in any game we play in, but we can stand stronger in life by trying. It is actually amazing I think to put yourself in, to commit completely to anything, but especially something that makes you nervous. I will say this, if you don’t know how to dive right in and can’t find a reason to try, comment on this blog, tweet at me and I will help you find your people. I will help you help yourself. Steve jobs famously said the journey is the reward, and if that journey takes place inside your mind and heart or online it is that you take the trip that is what matters.

I’m in a different place mentally now finishing this. I needed a job at Hootsuite, now I’d like one. I would still like to trade my time and experience for your experience and knowledge, as I’ve made a point of saying many times I like what you do there. However it isn’t my end all be all as when I began this blog.

To recap the the Top Ten Reasons I should work for Hootsuite;
10 – I love the Hustle
9 – You Never Know
8 – I Read Everything
7 – I Do What Scare Me
6 – Big Thursdays
5 – I Talk to Listen
4 – I am Balanced Well
3 – I Refine
2 – My Will Power
and the #1 reason I should work at Hootsuite is Me. I am the reason. I mirror your company. You are young and fast, quick on your feet, diverse, expanding globally, funny, open, caring, so am I. We are the same.

In closing I will say this; I can create for myself, you are creating for yourself and if you would like to talk to me about what we can create together, give me a call. It will be a journey for everyone. Let’s go.

Thank you so much to my readers. I hope you have the best day you have ever had, today.

Top Ten Reasons I Should Work At Hootsuite

Gentlemen, Maybe you read this and maybe you don’t, I may never know. The chance that you might, the chance that I might be able to join a company that is new, and smart, and growing. I haven’t been able to sleep well since monday. I’m picturing myself drinking coffee on my way to work, smiling, giving input to strategy meetings, researching, building relationships with clients, laughing. Suffice to say I cannot pass up the opportunity to try a few different things to catch some good light. I am inspired by the open house. I’ve not been to a hiring fair in a while so maybe they are all like yours, for me it was dizzying and I have nightclub experience working in a circular bar.

I want in.

Clearly what I want is not the most central reason for starting this blog. I hope to show off attributes I have that might provide the answers to some questions your company has or will have. I hope to put myself in a position to solve some problems, creatively, with guidance. I would like to be apart of something where intelligent people are working with each other, for each other, building a smarter future. I talk about it all the time but I think we live in the most amazing age for communication, for exchange of ideas + culture.  Your firm is laying down the roads these exchanges are and will continue to be taking place on. I’m not sure what I can build for you, But I can build. My hope is after the 10 days of reasons you will have both an idea of who I was and an idea of who I am becoming and where this evolving me can set up shop.

I am committed to this. I am excited about this. I hope I can make it as entertaining for you as enlightening. So there we’ll have to leave it til tomorrow.

Young man full of purpose, overshares til a position is made available. Read all about it…

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