Top Ten reasons I should work for Hootsuite #4 – I Am Balanced Well

It is that special time again friends, gather round while Uncle Kayin keeps the fire going. In this twilight hour a time for a sharing has come upon us.

Are we ready?

I was thinking last night about the role of emotional stability in my life. Why I am so stable and why some people around me aren’t. Not looking at at anyone in particular but I have a few candidates in mind> Either way when we come together into each others real circle, a lot of really positive things happen, and sometime some thing less overtly positive. We clash, our egos get hurt, we hold grudges, we say things we don’t mean and then refuse to make amends for what we said. I was applying for a job before I knew that you were going to be hiring 100 people at Hootsuite, in my cover letter to another company I mentioned that I take responsibility for my actions. I heard back nothing from them so touting this attribute again to you may not be doing me any favors. However it is my belief that this may be quit and over-looked characteristic when staff you company or starting a new relationship. We mostly notice when people don’t take responsibility for their actions. When they try to shake of their influence on current events. I say what I’ll do and do what I say. For instance to Dave Olsen you asked me to email you so you could investigate me online. I didn’t do this. I have no linkedIn profile, even now I don’t. No excuses, I met you and the first impression you may have had of me a day afterwards was of someone who didn’t do what he said. I will and when I do I will email it to you. If I never ever hear from you you can count on the fact that you will receive and email from me. It is already done, I’ve just not send it yet. What I did, in between the time we met and the day after was create a blog and a twitter account to match, you may be reading it now. I wanted to separate myself from all the potential job suitors you have at your door, and thought this would be the best way to do it or if not the best certainly a way to do it. I try though to keep my word and acknowledge it when I don’t. I also have a life outside of work. Adventures with my son, my girlfriend and my friends. I take pictures.

I swim (now). I cook. I cook so well I may challenge AllieIsAlwaysHungry to a cook off.
I have seen the people in every area of my life that have no outlets, outside of work, they can have an obsessive focus, which can be professionally productive but socially corrosive. To counter this habit I am open to life. I laugh with and love, life and my family fiercely. To balance all the words in this post here are some links to things that I enjoy and keep me even.

I like to watch swimming technique Videos –

I love to watch The Wire –

I need to listen to John Coltrane –

I love to walk on Deas Island, in Delta

There’s more but that’s enough I’ve made the point I hope. I’m not just good with people, I’m good with myself. I try everyday to eat well, exercise, love, read, breathe, plan, think, relax, appreciate and share. I hope you are the kind of company that sees the value in that.

Thanks for reading

Tomorrow we start the main countdown – Reason #3 – The secret to my success. Refinment, oops I meant Refinement.


Top Ten reasons I should work for Hootsuite #8 – I Read Everything

Good Afternoon Citizens of the world,

I have faced two setbacks in getting this blog out. Suffice to say that learning the ropes of blogging platforms and typing in general are working beside me right now(I lost my well written with plenty of time draft that I’d intended to post or maybe word-press is hiding it and while I work on finding it here’s this..). They aren’t with me, but they are not completely against me either. I have to work very soon so this will be brief, possibly I’ll add more after work but no promises. Going to boil it down to the essential parts. I read a lot. I take in a tremendous amount of usable information in a week. This gives me, just like anyone who does it a wide perspective on matters at hand. I, in my conversations with both Ben Watson VP of Marketing and Dave Olsen Vp of Community mentioned a magazine that I hold in the upper echelon of printed materials for the quality and diversity of it’s feature pieces. Monocle magazine. I read that and feel more connected with more of the world. Its a feeling that I look for in my reading materials. Discovery and refinement, which I hope will be a theme in all of these posts. You will discover me and time permitting I will refine your process of discovery. I love learning and want that to come across. Right now I am working on learning as much as I can about social media and marketing, how listening is the new talking and a bunch of other concepts that bear relevance on why we are here in the first place. I like and respect what you do there at Hootsuite and feel like I have a place there just waiting for me to dazzle, convince, plead, con, show and tell my way into it. I’ve got to go to work but I’m going to leave you with some books I’m into right now, and some websites I visited today.

Thank you

Positive Discipline for preschoolers – Jane Neilsen, Cheryl Erwin and Rosalyn Duffy

How to write a movie in 21 days – Viki King

Costa Rica day by day ( A travel guide for a trip i’m planning) – Frommer’s

Sociable – Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger

Viral Explosion – Peggy McColl

10 Videos to boost you social media know how –

Clipper Darrell’s betrayal — of the Clippers,0,2448729.column

A deep look at our most puzzling president –

Ivanhoe goes shopping in brazil –

Study predicts always-on generation will excel at multi-tasking; lag in patience and focus

Has anyone who read this, read anything interesting today please share.

Thank you

Tomorrow Reason #7 – I have decided to have a big year and I’m starting in the pool. Ask me why?




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