Top Ten Reasons I should work for Hootsuite #12 – Fun

Learning about social media is a good time. It’s easy to do. I got a negative tweet yesterday, and I spent a little while reading about negative tweets and how they can damage your brand if handled the wrong way, the content of the tweet didn’t even faze me, but I learned how to deal with it. There is a benefit, I, at this point don’t have much of a brand to damage but if I did, boy I tells ya. Serious business though, it’s all awesome stuff, no downfalls only upfalls, and everyone knows how cool upfalls are. I am growing my Twitter account, I hope to reach 200 followers in the span of a month. I know there are many other people who’ve gained more, faster and that’s cool. It’s all pretty new to me, so I’m good with my progress. I’m talking with awesome people like @KenHerron, whose given me some sweet advice and is always a DM away. Reading cool stuff from @tedcoine, and @cammphi, trading cool videos with @zenapproach its just a cool community to be a part of and while I’m growing my knowledge base and experience I get to learn with no pressure. I’ve had other accounts on twitter with less than 70 people for years and in a month I am almost at 200. I’ve had a blog for a few years and only managed to criticize a new Karen-O song, and now I’ve become part of the blogosphere. Albeit a small one, I plan on growing my part in it. So I share music videos and clips of me chasing dogs, thats fun stuff, its certainly not award winning but I feel like i’m on the path to the knowledge used to win awards. It is exciting. Reason #12 why I should work for Hootsuite is fun.

So, it has come to this (All credit for that beautiful phrase to @habitspark). Last night I lost the focus of why I had this blog in the first place. But I remembered, Hootsuite. I want to work there. They are cool and I am cool so, win win, I think. I thought after my first Top Ten series I’d get a phone call or something and someone from Hootsuite would be like “We like your vibe, come in for a coffee and let’s talk about how you and @uncleweed can build some communities or something.”

That didn’t happen and I became a little discouraged. I was also tired writing hundreds of words a night with videos and links and sleeping minimal hours led to some fatigue. But, I know you never start with But, but here we are, I am back and I have a new series of reasons for Hootsuite and of course my readers. I am going to take myself and my life to social media school so that I can be more prepared when Hootsuite does call. I am going to show all the people that would like to work in this field just like me how to do it. We are gonna tweet, we are gonna timeline it up, we are gonna customize a blog, we are gonna comment on a blog, we are going to compare and contrast certain web-based media management software vs it’s competitors but just like on tv “that’s not all” we are going to clean up our lives and get in shape. We are going to prepare for the dream jobs we all want. Ready, Set, Go.

Okay Okay, so here’s the thing about that, it’s 4am again so all of this excitement is going to wait till tomorrow or the next day, but I tell you this it will happen. I, You, We will be excited and learn and hopefully build our own community of enhusiastic people trying to catch their dreams. Im going to make you all beliebers.

“Wait, what did he write?”

He said “Beliebers.”

“Oh like Justin Bieber’s fans.”


“Did he mean believers?”

“How should I know, maybe you should write a funny comment and ask him if he knows how big of a mistake he made?”

“Yeah maybe I should.”

and Scene

Good night out there all you Beliebers.


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