Top Ten Reasons I Should Work At Hootsuite

Gentlemen, Maybe you read this and maybe you don’t, I may never know. The chance that you might, the chance that I might be able to join a company that is new, and smart, and growing. I haven’t been able to sleep well since monday. I’m picturing myself drinking coffee on my way to work, smiling, giving input to strategy meetings, researching, building relationships with clients, laughing. Suffice to say I cannot pass up the opportunity to try a few different things to catch some good light. I am inspired by the open house. I’ve not been to a hiring fair in a while so maybe they are all like yours, for me it was dizzying and I have nightclub experience working in a circular bar.

I want in.

Clearly what I want is not the most central reason for starting this blog. I hope to show off attributes I have that might provide the answers to some questions your company has or will have. I hope to put myself in a position to solve some problems, creatively, with guidance. I would like to be apart of something where intelligent people are working with each other, for each other, building a smarter future. I talk about it all the time but I think we live in the most amazing age for communication, for exchange of ideas + culture.  Your firm is laying down the roads these exchanges are and will continue to be taking place on. I’m not sure what I can build for you, But I can build. My hope is after the 10 days of reasons you will have both an idea of who I was and an idea of who I am becoming and where this evolving me can set up shop.

I am committed to this. I am excited about this. I hope I can make it as entertaining for you as enlightening. So there we’ll have to leave it til tomorrow.

Young man full of purpose, overshares til a position is made available. Read all about it…


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